Thursday, January 04, 2007

Stoned in Suburbia

Here is a superbe british documentary, alook into british pot smoking. The video is a nice change from the myth of the lone and lazy teenager, and depicts every day people, that happen to enjoy smoking the herb along with the other millions of smokers.
Favorite line is when grand ma baking chicken pot pies for her community of elders, says : "i only use pure bud"! Grand ma sure knows her stuff.

Check the video "Stoned in Suburbia"here:
"Stoned In Suburbia is a social history film, examining the change in people's opinions to cannabis over the past 50 years. Discussing the all impact of the 60's sexual revolution, the Hippie movement, the emergence of the Punks right up until the modern day."

Have a cup of your favorite tea and enjoy those 40 mns of pure fun:)

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