Friday, December 29, 2006


I have been doodling since i can remember.

Starting by copying any interesting images I could find in magazines, I went on to an early fascination for classical artists such as Van Gogh, Modiglianni and many Moores. Along the classical forms, I was also greatly influenced by the comic book world, as I grew up with the European school of comics mixed with a dose of the Xmen I could read from my sister.
I studied printing and ceramics at San Fransisco Community College and got a degree in multimedia at Portland Community college. During my studies in multimedia, I found a way to let my nerdy side express itself, as I found pleasure looking through basic code.

I now enjoy doing digital work as much as i enjoy splattering paint all over the place. I have painted murals, designed 3D rooms and twicked applets.
My last projects have been backdrops, painting on textile for party decos, which was extremely fun, and of which i hope to do more.

I enjoy taking and looking at pictures.
For more on my art work, go and see my galleries in gamatron’s archives.

Thank you for visiting and to the next graphics adventures:)

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