Thursday, July 02, 2015

Shishir bakery

"What do people need here? " I ask my nepale friend?
"Knowledge, we need to learn how to make things. The building and all is good, but what we really need is teachers with knowledge. " he replies.
As the country is rebuilding the best it can, the real problems still are their for those that have eyes to see. The problems run deep, very deep. And if the building is a great step, the real issues are still hiding in the shadows of the past. Education, the caste system, the extreme corruption, the bank loans, a 3rd world country, Nepal is Nepal, and to help Nepal, one has to first spend some time in order to understand the country. The buildings are great, but really, what is needed is... teachers.
One of the ways to get knowledge is through books. Books contain stories, information and much more. So, Funky Buddha Hands got a few books for the Shishi bakery.
Let me tell you a bit about Shishir bakery...