Thursday, April 27, 2006

sri yantra

Yantra literally means "support" and "instrument". A yantra is a geometric design acting as a highly efficient tool for contemplation, concentration and meditation. It is considered to be a focal point, a window into the absolute; when the mind is concentrated on a single, simple object - in this case a yantra, the mental chatter ceases. Eventually, the object is dropped when the mind can remain empty and silent without help. In the most advanced phases, yogis say it is possible to attain union with God by the geometric visualization of a yantra.

Yantras are closely related to mandalas. Usually a yantra is represented in black and white while mandalas in color. Also the process of meditation with a mandala can be much more complex, implying contemplation of various symbolic meanings associated with different regions of the mandala.

Fusionanomaly yantra.
JuneMoon's Yantra paintings.
Mathematical shri.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Le secret de la sagesse enfin révélé!

FINALLY!!!! revealed to us by the masked cucumber, here is the secret to Wisdom.

Mystery revealed


Electrypnose. With some great music for a psyched out night followed by morning chill.

In a world more extreme everyday

Who still thinks about himself
Every vibe influences us
Without borders we fly
Come in trance
To rediscover the magic of childhood
Let your mind be free
Dive into infinity
In this attainable journey
Explore subtility
And discover keys to simplicity
electric hypnosis, this magic music

by smile

Ernst Haeckel

Forms of a controversial man.
A mad scientist, an amazing illustrator, the father of ecology, a charlatan. Meet Ernst Haeckel and his embryonic world.