Friday, December 29, 2006


I have been doodling since i can remember.

Starting by copying any interesting images I could find in magazines, I went on to an early fascination for classical artists such as Van Gogh, Modiglianni and many Moores. Along the classical forms, I was also greatly influenced by the comic book world, as I grew up with the European school of comics mixed with a dose of the Xmen I could read from my sister.
I studied printing and ceramics at San Fransisco Community College and got a degree in multimedia at Portland Community college. During my studies in multimedia, I found a way to let my nerdy side express itself, as I found pleasure looking through basic code.

I now enjoy doing digital work as much as i enjoy splattering paint all over the place. I have painted murals, designed 3D rooms and twicked applets.
My last projects have been backdrops, painting on textile for party decos, which was extremely fun, and of which i hope to do more.

I enjoy taking and looking at pictures.
For more on my art work, go and see my galleries in gamatron’s archives.

Thank you for visiting and to the next graphics adventures:)

Gallerie de peinture

Vidéo envoyée par gamatron
Music de Dictaphone avec le morceau la Piscine.

Une gallerie de peinture, avec les Gnomes Electriques, L'homme Vert Psychédelique, le Dragon et le Phoenix, Méditation de l'Arbre et plus.
Bonne visite:)

Painting gallery, with the Electric Gnomes serie, the Psychedelic Green Man, Dragon and Phoenix, Meditation Tree and more.

Sit back, and enjoy:)

Roots dish

Plats de racines d'hiver, excellent plat de saison. Recette en francais à venir.

Winter dish of local roots, excellent season's dish.
For first recipe:
Winter roots dish: many roots are underused by people, especially in Europe, where in some countries, the roots are associated with the bad memories of the war and being hungry and poor. Yet the roots are a great provider of many needed nutrients and vitamines, so, use this winter, to re-discover the wonderful and savory world of roots.
Take any roots you find in your local market. Parsnip, beets, various types of patatoes, carrots, celery root, and more.
Cut them in equal shapes (so they all cook alike).
Add ginger, garlic, curry if you'd like, your fav spices.
Fry the mix.
Extra: add green beans, or whatever greens you might want to add, also it adds color.

Serve hot, or cold as a salad. Sprinkle with some seeds of your choice, and enjoy this simple and nourrishing winter dish!


Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Analize

New Analize
Vidéo envoyée par gamatron
Une nuit de psy dans les bois, avec un de mes morceaux préferé de Derango: New Analize. Derango sont 2 Suédois, produisant un des meilleurs sons pour les forèts Nordiques!

A night of psy in the woods, with one of my fav tunes from Derango: New Analize.


No One Knows

No One Knows
Vidéo envoyée par gamatron
No One Knows de Queens of the Stone Age, à travers le marché aux puces de Saint Ouen de Paris, le quartier des Grands Magazins, la gare St Lazarre et le train pour Mantes, Mantes La Jolie!

No One Knows by Queens of the Stone Age, through Paris flea market, St Lazarre's train station and the train to Mantes La Jolie.

Queens of the Stone Age.

Paris subway

Paris subway
Vidéo envoyée par gamatron
Le métro de paris, avec Django Reinhardt: Appel Indirect.

Paris subway and train, with a song by Django Reinhardt: Appel Indirect.
Reinhardt, Django (Jean Baptiste Reinhardt), 1910-53, guitariste belge de jazz.

Django Reinhardt.

Psy nature

Psy nature
Vidéo envoyée par gamatron
Vidéo naturel avec un morceau de Electrypnose: A wasp at the fairies. Electrypnose est une production de psy trance de Suisse. Allez sur leur site, pour en savoir plus.

Vidéo of nature with soundtrack from Electrypnose song: A wasp at the fairies.

2006 to 2007

En 2007,

Prenez le Temps,
de prendre le temps.

Prenez le Temps
de dire Merci
à la Terre
qui nous nourrit.

Le Temps de prendre
soin d'elle,
et le Temps
de prendre soin de nous
à travers vous.

You can see the card in French here.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Danish Hollydays

"Cette année, j’ai passée mon premier Noèl en dehors de ma famille Francaise. Noèl c’est fait au Danemark, avec ma famille danoise. La famille, n’étant ni religieuse, ni vraiment des fétards, la fète de Noèl a pourtant était célébrée de manière traditionelle, au moins pour la mome de la famille, 7 ans."

Christmas in Denmark for the first time. Here is a little text about danish traditions, and an exemple of a danish Christmas dinner.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Strange Princess and Naive art

Gérard Willemmenot et son Etrange Princess:

"Son enfance et ses années d'architecture feront de lui un inadapté chronique qui n'aime guère son époque. Alors faute de refaire le monde, il va le peindre, à sa manière assez décalée voire intemporelle. Il faut rappeler que depuis presque un siècle, la peinture (celle dont on parle) est entièrement tombée sous la coupe du discours intello-médiatique et qu'il n'est pas rare de voir un critique d'art écrire huit pages à propos d'une toile vierge intitulée « sans titre n°12 » ou juste une chiure de mouche (« opus 3 »). Cette masturbation intellectuelle a depuis longtemps gommé toutes les valeurs dites anciennes et décadentes : composition, métier, créativité, etc. pour ne consacrer que ce qui est moderne, nouveau. La modernité est forcément bien... une « merde » d'artiste est belle! elle est d'autant plus belle Si c'est la dernière, celle du Jour! hier, il n'en a pas fait, il était constipé."

Naive Art:
The Croatian Museum of naive Art.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Herman Dune

Des yéyés emo pour vos soirées chocolat chaud!

Meet herman Dune. A bunch of funky folky hippies with emo rock sensitivities.

Official web site:
Herman Dune.
Get some of his tunes here.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Peter Gric

Peter Gric's works.

Infinite egoism.

Back to dk after 2 weeks in France, with the fam.
On the bus back, i sat next to a dude from the Ivory Coast. 14 years in Paris, didn't find his happiness there, so he was moving to dk.
Spoke of Ivory Coast politics, the land, the food, the people, a bit of religion. The plan is to save money and go back to Ivory Coast:
"Maybe 5 years or so of working" he says.

He is a believer, he thinks the Bible is the way to go.
"Warshipping trees and rocks isn't good" he says.
"I disagree" i say.

"Why do you think people suffer?" he asks as i was telling him how i find the image of the catholic religion to be a violent and quite repulsive one for this.
"Because humans look into infinity and they can't find answers, so they suffer. They can't understand, so they invent religions, it helps them to think they can understand. Why do you think people suffer i ask?"
"Because they are selfish"
Time for his stop.
"Good luck, and i hope you'll find your happiness"
"Bonne chance et au revoir"

At night we speak, i ask you:
"What do you think we suffer?" as i tell you the question's story.
"It"s the same thing" you say.

"We are selfish because we look at the infinite...." i think "which takes us away from the finite, which makes us suffer because the finite is where we can apply love". I think of the intro to Dante and his Divine trilogy which i just read at my sis.
"Seing paradise, we want to come back and tell others what we saw" as Dante puts it in his trilogy"
"Yeah, something like that".

I went to sleep in your arms and dreamed of a hamster pet friend which i carried in my backpack, i sort of spoke with it.
I wander if that's a selfish dream...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

sri yantra

Yantra literally means "support" and "instrument". A yantra is a geometric design acting as a highly efficient tool for contemplation, concentration and meditation. It is considered to be a focal point, a window into the absolute; when the mind is concentrated on a single, simple object - in this case a yantra, the mental chatter ceases. Eventually, the object is dropped when the mind can remain empty and silent without help. In the most advanced phases, yogis say it is possible to attain union with God by the geometric visualization of a yantra.

Yantras are closely related to mandalas. Usually a yantra is represented in black and white while mandalas in color. Also the process of meditation with a mandala can be much more complex, implying contemplation of various symbolic meanings associated with different regions of the mandala.

Fusionanomaly yantra.
JuneMoon's Yantra paintings.
Mathematical shri.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Le secret de la sagesse enfin révélé!

FINALLY!!!! revealed to us by the masked cucumber, here is the secret to Wisdom.

Mystery revealed


Electrypnose. With some great music for a psyched out night followed by morning chill.

In a world more extreme everyday

Who still thinks about himself
Every vibe influences us
Without borders we fly
Come in trance
To rediscover the magic of childhood
Let your mind be free
Dive into infinity
In this attainable journey
Explore subtility
And discover keys to simplicity
electric hypnosis, this magic music

by smile

Ernst Haeckel

Forms of a controversial man.
A mad scientist, an amazing illustrator, the father of ecology, a charlatan. Meet Ernst Haeckel and his embryonic world.