Here is the page where I am supposed to talk about me, myself and I.
In 1 word: artist.
In 2 words: traveler artist.
In 3 words: female human being.

Basic data:
Born in France.
Education: US of A, with a bachelor of Arts and a Multimedia certificate.
Travels: USA, some Europe, Mexico, Asia.

Fuzzy data:
The truth is that I have no idea who or what I am. I searched and I searched, and I found nothing but a constant and permanent changing and growing being. So, I stopped searching, and started just Being, which frankly is complicated enough.

To express my vision of the world, I like to paint, write, make knots, and I take photos of what I see. I even started doodling on people, following the ancient art of tattoo. I talk too much or sometimes not enough, I ask too many questions and think too much. I enjoy a good meal with friends, I read and I burp. When I don't read comic books or explore the world around me, I read serious and boring books full of dust and nanotechnology. I grew up on Star Trek and other works of science fiction. I love plants and playing in mud.

When I grow up, I'll be....um, still haven't found what to be, so in the meantime, I'll just be me:)

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Enjoy and be happy.

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