Thursday, April 27, 2017

Freedom dreams

I want to be free
I want to do what i want
I want it all
We all want to be free
We all want it all
But sorry my friend
Freedom was yet another myth
Just one of those stories we tell the kids
Another best seller on the bookshelves
Another lie sitting next to the enlightment pages
Cause you see my friend
Nothing is for free
As an old monk once told me
There is a price to pay for everything
Others say that the only freedom
Is freedom from the known
Each say what they want
I don't believe it no more
So better swallow your freedom dreams
Was just another lie
There is only action and consequences
There is only living with our choices
Keep your freedom dreams for hippie land and other liberals
I don't need them no more
It was just a hallucination
What remains is what we share

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Your arms

 your arms

we say we love each other
we say it's for ever
but you see
life passes
so i wonder
what life was
a moment with you
a moment with me
in the end i'll tell you
when i'll be dead
what life was
a moment that passed
with or without you
time passed
i liked it better with you
but sometimes you were not there
so i invented you
building houses
writing songs
smiling to the wind
painting walls and gardens
i  did all i could to forget
that in your arms is where i want to be

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