Monday, October 23, 2006

Infinite egoism.

Back to dk after 2 weeks in France, with the fam.
On the bus back, i sat next to a dude from the Ivory Coast. 14 years in Paris, didn't find his happiness there, so he was moving to dk.
Spoke of Ivory Coast politics, the land, the food, the people, a bit of religion. The plan is to save money and go back to Ivory Coast:
"Maybe 5 years or so of working" he says.

He is a believer, he thinks the Bible is the way to go.
"Warshipping trees and rocks isn't good" he says.
"I disagree" i say.

"Why do you think people suffer?" he asks as i was telling him how i find the image of the catholic religion to be a violent and quite repulsive one for this.
"Because humans look into infinity and they can't find answers, so they suffer. They can't understand, so they invent religions, it helps them to think they can understand. Why do you think people suffer i ask?"
"Because they are selfish"
Time for his stop.
"Good luck, and i hope you'll find your happiness"
"Bonne chance et au revoir"

At night we speak, i ask you:
"What do you think we suffer?" as i tell you the question's story.
"It"s the same thing" you say.

"We are selfish because we look at the infinite...." i think "which takes us away from the finite, which makes us suffer because the finite is where we can apply love". I think of the intro to Dante and his Divine trilogy which i just read at my sis.
"Seing paradise, we want to come back and tell others what we saw" as Dante puts it in his trilogy"
"Yeah, something like that".

I went to sleep in your arms and dreamed of a hamster pet friend which i carried in my backpack, i sort of spoke with it.
I wander if that's a selfish dream...

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