Monday, March 04, 2013

Salon of Agriculture

Cows, ducks, horses, sheeps and goats, with a little litchis rum punch from the islands in Paris? Oh yes it's possible. This week end, we went to visit the Salon of Agriculture, at Porte de Versailles. The biggest show of this kind, the Salon happens once a year in Paris. This year was their 50 th birthday, so we went for a visit.

Ah! de l'aiguillette de canard, c'est bon!

The Salon presents the best animal breeds and all the products that comes with them. Saucisson, wine, cheese, breads, arts and crafts, each french region presents it's local production. The farmers enter competitions for best quality, a great way to let others know about your farm production.
It is a wonderful time to walk around in a mini france, taste the best the country has to offer, listen to some music and all in all enjoy a good old time with friends and family.

 Ca c'est de la vache!

The Salon was packed full of people, and by the evening it becomes a good party time. Young, old, everyone is there to enjoy the show. For some in Paris, it's the first time to see real life farm animals from so close, and touch them. You can even learn how to milk a cow, or how to guide pigs!

 Moutons a tête noir.

For our enjoyment, we tasted a delicious duck aiguillette sandwitch with a good glass of red wine, and for desert we went up to the Islands departement. The french islands floor was full of flowers, samosas, akras and of course the famous little punch, a rum based drink with fruits. So, we got a small bottle, 4 glasses and walked around the festival.

 Happy moos!

Sipping on our drink, we saw some fluffy cats, huge pigs, hairy sheeps, beautiful cows, and much saucisson, a french sausage type. Happy mood was the theme for the evening, as the beer and food stands each gave their own fiesta. We even saw a guy drink out of a wooden shoe!

 Chez Jenlien, ils boivent la bière dans des sabots en bois!

So, next time, you are in Paris, don't miss the Salon. A must visit to taste the french delicacies, touch a cow, watch a hermit crab come out of his painted shell, see fluffy dogs and try a new bio bamboo towel:)

Tit punch!
Merci a AJ et D pour une super soirée:)

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