Thursday, March 07, 2013

Festival de glisse

This week end, we went to check out the Festival de Glisse International de Bercy. Located in the skate ring of park de Bercy, right in front of the Mitterand Bibliotheque, the festival is a 3 days fest of rollers, skate board and BMX bike competition. Starting at 10 am till 21 pm, the festival is 2 week ends in a row, the BMX show being on the last day.

For the pleasure of the eyes, they slide along the grafitied walls and curves of the ring, they jump on a rail, sliding, ridding, flying. Tricks and treats, the competitors dance high in the air, to the sounds of hip hoppy raggea tunes. Everyone is happy, the festival is a good time spent in a relaxed atmosphere.

Under the eyes of the spectators, the artists show their best  to the jury, who notes each trick. The announcer warms up the crowd gathering with hip hip hip hourrays and technical terms. The 13 to 16 show their tricks, then comes the more than 17. The winners go home with various prizes, offered by nomade, the event organizer. Nomadshop sponsors  offer  gifts certificate, DVD’s and other surprises to the happy winners.

Around the park, the week end walkers enjoy the open space under a crispy march sky. Families, dog walkers, jugglers and rope walkers are all there, for a breath of fresh air.
Everyone is happy, it’s another week end in Paris. Once the festival finished, the skate ring will go back to it’s usual self. Open for all and all day long, the skate park welcomes anyone who wants to slide, ride, and jump, just for the fun and pleasure of!

Let it roll, let it roll, as the song goes. Have a nice week end:)

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