Friday, June 30, 2017



Some say it's all just time pass
Write a novel, break up atoms
Scratch your navel, make love
Sit in the park, laugh or cry
No matter what, the seasons pass

Some try to find meaning
Life has to have a reason they think
Some say to stop the mind
If we stop the mind, we stop time
Some say nothing

We can say what we want
Life will go on, with or without us
The waves keep rolling on the sand
Kings and queens will pass
Even love will pass

Kill your ego, but all is ego
Let it go, but there is nothing to let go
Let it be, but it already is
All is love, but what is love
Just breathe

Go and find yourself
The self laughed and disappeared
In thin air it went
Living me alone with myself
So I became time passing 

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