Monday, June 06, 2016

It's a nice trip

As a travel agent,
I often get asked advice on a destination.
I usually recommend Terra 3.

On Terra 3,
There are great mountains, 
Which I show on the holograms
There are great oceans,
I say to the clients in search of exotism.

Terra 3 is beautiful
Go see it, reserve right away, it's - 47 points at the moment, special promotion
It's worth the trip.

They have many flowers
The land is full of color
The locals, be careful.
Don't get too close
They are unpredictable and they make funny sounds.

But the place is nice,
It's amazingly beautiful
Colors, so many colors you will see.

It's a nice trip
I say
Yeah, I got to pay my bills too
It's a nice trip 
I say.

Photos from various trips around Terra 3
En francais ici.

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