Thursday, July 02, 2015

Shishir bakery

"What do people need here? " I ask my nepale friend?
"Knowledge, we need to learn how to make things. The building and all is good, but what we really need is teachers with knowledge. " he replies.
As the country is rebuilding the best it can, the real problems still are their for those that have eyes to see. The problems run deep, very deep. And if the building is a great step, the real issues are still hiding in the shadows of the past. Education, the caste system, the extreme corruption, the bank loans, a 3rd world country, Nepal is Nepal, and to help Nepal, one has to first spend some time in order to understand the country. The buildings are great, but really, what is needed is... teachers.
One of the ways to get knowledge is through books. Books contain stories, information and much more. So, Funky Buddha Hands got a few books for the Shishi bakery.
Let me tell you a bit about Shishir bakery...

Pokhara, Nepal. The town did not get hit by the the 25 of April quake, but the business is down, as it is in most of the country. No tourists, some shops close for the moonssoon season, Lake side, the tourist side is almost empty, except for the nepalese sitting in front of their shop, waiting for the tourists. Nepal's economy is mostly based on it's tourist industry, and Pokhara runs on trekking and paragliding. But after the quake, the tourists are very few, they will come back slowly...but now is now.

Shishir bakery is a little shop on the layed back side of town. A mam and a dad run the shop. They have 2 kids, 15 year old cecile and 16 years old Shishir. They wake up at 4 every morning to make the delicious chocolate and mango pies, the vegeteble patties and the strawberry jam pie. They make local tahini, and fresh peanut butter. The little shop has 2 tables, one for the customers and one where the 2 kids make their homework every day after school.

 At Shishir Bakery, friends sit on the steps outside, watching the street pass bye, while enjoying a coffee or tea, chatting and eating a piece of cake. It's simple and best, it's the good times. The Shishir kids are not in need. They have enough food, they have a roof and the bakery makes enough to provide basic needs. The family sleeps in a room, in the back of the shop. And they work hard for educating their kids, they are gentle and kind and take care of the sick dogs in the neighborood. Most of all, they work hard in order to send the kids to school, they work hard to better their life. They don't sit around waiting for things to happen, they work for them with discipline and smiles.

One day speaking with Cecile, she mentions that she just finished a Murakami book. Surprised I ask her if she liked it.
"Oh yes, a lot, so I let the book to my friend, and now 3 are waiting for the book. We all read it and then we speak about it. " she replies with her usual beautiful smile.
A 15 year old nepale girl reading Murakami and loving it! I loved it, so Funky Buddha Hands offered a few selected books to the bakery. The request for the books being to be shared with all the friends and passed on. The selection was done according to Cecile and Shishir's preferences.

The books for Shishir Bakery:
A nepale writer and a short history of nepale litterature, because keeping and learning one's own's culture is very important; The Kite Runner, and A 1000 Splendid Suns, to study what goes on in other parts of the world. Cecile started to study reiki, so a reiki book and a book on chakras. The classic The Alchemist, to begin with Paulo initiation stories. And The Little prince, just because it's a beautiful tale about life and love. With the books, came a dozen brushes and a coloring mandala books, for the brother who enjoys drawing. Along with the books, each of the kid got a little notebook, for writing a diary, or drawing.

Funky Buddha Hands donation  to Shishir Bakery in Pokhara, lake side, Nepal: 50 euros. It's not much, but it's a few selected books for the brother and sister, books that will get passed on from hands to hands, books to share knowledge and perhaps give Cecile a desire to write herself, so she can tell her storie...
Thanks to Shishir for the wonderful pies and yummy cakes, for the simple and best of your bakery.

Thanks for the good times and sharings :)

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