Wednesday, March 22, 2017

On top of the world

 On top of the world

There was mountains, as far as the eyes could see
High up there in the sky, there was a city full of dust
Kathmandu they called it
Lost tourists came from all over
They wanted to climb as far as they could.

Some wanted to save the world, another way to save thyself
Others just wanted to escape who knows what
A few just wanted nothing
Most didn't know what they wanted
The locals just wanted money, just like most in the world...

The travelers made many friends, all brothers and sisters
The locals played and climbed with them
Everyone was happy, for a minute that seemed to last for ever
In the city of a 1000 faces, time stopped
Just long enough to eat a momo, smoke a few joints and drink a tongba.

On top of the world
Behind the smiles and the Bhairav masks
It was business as usual
Even marriage and kids was business
Maya was just another song on the radio.

Don't be fooled my friend
By the dances and the one minute laughs
One day, you will see that it was just a dream
Behind the clouds, there is a harsh reality
Enjoy the postcard, have fun while you can.

When one day, you ate enough dust
When you finally rode enough mythical dragons
You will count on one hand the real friends you made
If you are lucky, maybe one or 2 will remain
The rest will be gone with the moonsoon.

Go climb the mountains, go meet the holy men
See that they are just men, with their doubts and their fears
Just like you and I, same as in any place
Don't be too sweet, or you will be eaten
Like the clouds eats the mountains.

On top of the world, same same but diferent
It's just like the rest of the world
The dreams and words come and go
What remains is yourself and what's real
Watch the dust eat the cities...

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