Sunday, May 03, 2015

Durbar Square

 Siva Parvati temple still standing

Kathmandu's heart is broken, with it goes a part of nepale heart. This is what's left standing of Durbar Square, the ancient administrative center of the capital. Once upon a Time, we all sat on the step of temples enjoying a cup of chai, chit-chating with friends. Sitting on the red bricks steps, surrounded by so much history and beauty was simply daily life. How much of this UNESCO heritage will they be able to save? The buildings are cracked, very cracked. Much, way too much, will have to be destroyed in order to be rebuild. Once upon a time...

 Durbar camp

News from the city of a 1000 faces come slowly. It's been a long week for them, the ground is still shaking at night, and they walk amongst a broken city. Communications and connections are still a bit slow, they come and go. Same same as usual, but this time a bit diferent. They need water pruifying supplies, as the drinking water is a problem for many. They need all the support we can give them.

 Walking to Durbar Square

 Hippie temple
Once known as Hippie temple, the ruins in the back, there is simply nothing left. Just memories and something to rebuilt. This will take a long time.

Photos by Sunil Gautam, tattoo artist at Funky Buddha Tattoo.
More news on Kathmandu situation here.

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