Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Green Perigord

 Bordeaux fountain

Let's take a look at the map to see where we're at. Ah! Yes, Bordeaux, the french capital of the famous Bordeaux vine. After 9 hours of Eurolines from Paris, we arrive in Bordeaux and stay with our couchsurfing host. We visit the city, it's antique markets and it's tattoo shops, we eat, drink and enjoy the spring sun shining in the blue sky. Bordeaux is a beautiful city, with it's parcs, fountains and a wonderful river walk. A good stop on the way to Green Perigord...

                                                           St Catherine St, Bordeaux

After a couple of days, we take the local bus, direction Bergerac in Green Perigord. It's a green green green, lush and rich land that welcomes us amongst it's medieval villages made of stones from once upon a time. Small towns sleep and wake up according to the seasons and the weekend markets. Life goes slowly but surely, a glass of vine at a time.

                                                            Sarlat traditional music

From Sarlat to Bergerac, each village is unique, and offers the numerous tourists a taste of the local specialities in a relaxed and historic environment. Perigord is famous for it's duck, truffes and nuts, which we taste enjoying a gastronomical lunch of fois gras and "magret de canard"! The land is made of small and round hills full of grapes, stone valleys with houses built in the old rock, rivers and woods where it's easy to see a rabbit or a deer pass by for their morning walks.

 Sarlat market

In Bergerac, Funky Buddha Tattoo visits Sublime Dementia for a bamboo tattoo vajra and a tibetan type skull. It's a few days of heavy metal, tattoos and fun. Bergerac, we'll be back!

                                       Bamboo Vajra At Sublime dementia shop, Bergerac

In Sarlat, we do a market with Poutali store and it's Nepale children clothing, check ou. Int the local arts, and in the country we sit in the sun, enjoying doing nothing full power, while the rivers passes through this green and ocre stones land.


All in all, it was a wonderful green and sunny time, full of ducks and old stones. Met some great people, hang out with old friends, ate duck and more duck, drunk vine and more vine. After 2 weeks, it was time to go back up, direction Bourges Spring Festival! A big market, a lot of music, and we take the train back to Panam. Slowly but surely, it's time to get ready for the summer. One vajra at a time, lentement mais surement we shall go...

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