Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Teej is here. The women festival.
Once a year the women wear their best saris, fast, and dance for Shiva. 
Temples of red stones gets filled with shiny fabrics,
all floating in the air, to the move of the dance and music.
It's a good day to be a woman in nepal,
When young and old meet and share.
Teej is here. 
Enjoy the dance.

Beauty Queen
Standing in front of Black Bairav,
Drunken Shiva, protector god of nepal,
the beauty queen redoes her hair.
The dori, traditional nepale dance,
One hand in the air,
Twirling and turning.

Pujas: religious offering to the gods.
The leaf plates are filled with bananas, incens, red powder, a candle
and a flower for color.
The gods will be happy.

Dancing, dancing and turning throught the night,
Praying for the perfect husband
Om Nama Shiva Om
They dance

In line
In front of Durbar Square,
the women wait their turn...

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