Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Talking tree

 The secret of life is in art. Oscar Wilde 

A talking tree sits in all of us. It's this part of us, growing, learning, every day a new day. The tree knows all, rooted, standing the passing seasons. The tree digs deep inside the Earth and elevates it's branches to the sky.
The tree is us. Each leaf a thought, each branch an area of learning. As the seasons pass, we drop our leaves, letting the old ideas pass, in order to let room for new thoughts, which will also go, as next season comes.

Don't hold too tight to your thoughts, let them float to the  winds. New thoughts will come, blossom, and go. Their impermanence being part of their beauty.

So go look for yourselves, create, find new selves, let them go, start again. So goes the song of the talking tree. Your Self is the ultimate creator, the one giving form to your many selves. Just remember not to get lost in your creations, for they are just that, leaves on a tree...

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